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Date-4-Free Virtual Dating

Welcome to Date-4-Free's latest innovation in online dating - Virtual Dating.

IMPORTANT NOTE - This is a BETA release (v0.1) - This means that we are allowing the public access to the software in order to improve it before we make it an official release. We would love to get any feedback from you though at Comments@Date-4-Free.com

What is it?

Virtual Dating allows you to create a 3D online persona (an avatar) and search the Date-4-Free world for other online members to chat to. You can choose to drop off in one of our four nightclubs, take a stroll on the beach or in the park, or even discuss some of the masterpieces in the Date-4-Free Arts Centre!

How does it work?

Getting started is simple. All you have to do is download our software (one time only), then run Virtual Dating either in a web browser or as a standalone client!

Once started, you will be presented with the main menu where you can login or create a new account, create your avatar and go straight into the Date-4-Free world!

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